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The Black Creek

The Black Creek River is a scenic southern river featuring deep, black water and contrasting white sand bars. The water in the Black Creek is clear but has a brownish tint due to tannic acid leaching from decaying leaves; This brownish tint, is downright black in very deep spots.

The Black Creek River cuts a meandering path through the heart of the Desoto National Forest in Mississippi's coastal plain. This tributary of the Pascagoula provides a variety of opportunities, lots of fishing holes, six launch points for canoeing or kayaking, a 40 plus mile trail for backpacking and much more. 

The Black Creek is Mississippi's only National Scenic River.

The Black Creek took a Hard hit from Hurricane Katrina, but is rebounding beautifully, you still see scars, downed trees ect. However the creek is navigable once again. What started as a trickle of canoers/kayakers is now almost back to normal levels.

The kayakers pictured here (March 26th 2006) are some of our friends from "Red Bull 1" who stayed with us during their mobilization from Camp Shelby. They are now all deployed. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and we hope they come see us when they are home safe.

Black Creek Cabin
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